Pick Your Battles Carefully

As you live your most positive life, you may think that you should never get mad or fight, but that's not quite true. Part of being happy, of living your best and most positive life, is to make sure that you are heard, that you stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries so that you're not taken advantage of. However, the way you do it – and how often you do it – is important for a healthy, balanced life that's also happy and positive.

  • Pick your battles carefully

The most important thing to note is you should pick your battles carefully. What are the important battles?

  • Never let anybody talk you into doing something that compromises your integrity or your values

Listen to your gut. Whenever someone tries to talk you into doing something you know you shouldn't, your gut will be telling you that this is wrong, that you should not do this. Physical or emotional violence, greed, manipulation, or most illegal activities are clearly wrong. When someone tries to tell you to do something you clearly shouldn't, don't "fight" them, necessarily, but do absolutely stand your ground. Don't let yourself be swayed.

  • Let the rest go

As the saying goes, "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" Let other people have their opinions, listen and be open, and uphold your values. Few battles are so important that you must "win" them – not that you really can.

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